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We show about how to use this service.

1. Post your article
You need to registere from Register. You can confirm your correct email addr om your email inbox. After that, you can post your article.

2. Our policy is collecting some values from internet. Please add your message with the website URL.

3. Basic Language
Basic language is Englsh. Write the Title and discription in English.

4. Security policy is set up a spam tool, akismet. If your article includes any spam word, it doesn't publish and display and moves spam aria in admin section. We can move it as non-spam, but we don't judge whether it is spam or not.

5. If your article is spam...
We delete it as spam. If it is a spam, your email and all your articles are deleted. If we move it at other management area, we can delete the article without deleting all your email and articles.

6. Difficult your language and website
If your posting judges as a spam, and we can't understand your language and website, we should judge it is a spam and deletes.

7. Do you think about ...
It is OK about posting your advertisement by your website URL, but if you don't add your idea/hint/suggestion, we will delete it. If possible, please add your idea/hint/suggestion.

8. Spam words ex)
General spam words like Medicine, Diet, Drugs, Gambling, Casino, Adult, Porno...

9. Care other posting
If your article want to display Top News, your article needs to get over 10 votes. Please say anybody about your wonderful articles and click a vote number.

10. If you need a help...
If you need a help, please send us from Contact

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Saved Stories is collecting some value form information. Please add your message like new idea and hint. Main language is English. If you want to move your article on a published news, anybody need to click Vote button on your article. It moves after over 10 votes. Or we decide to be moved your great news.

Note: If you post/publish your new article and not diplay it on Upcoming News, it might be a spam. Our website has the Akismet. The Akismet doesn't display Spam by the automatic operation detecting it. We process not spam with the manual according to the content.